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Why Keto really works

The ketogenic diet, also known as the Keto diet, allows you to lose weight by focusing on lipids while drastically reducing the carbohydrate intake. Rather difficult to imagine isn’t it? And yet you will see that the keto really works! We will explain everything to you.

When starting a diet, the goal is of course to lose weight. But not at any cost! It is not only important to maintain a balanced diet so that the body lacks nothing but also to avoid overly restrictive methods which are generally the assurance of a rapid recovery of all the weight lost. The Keto routine is precisely distinguished from other diets because it not only allows you to shed excess pounds while improving your well-being. No frustration, a new way of eating and an effective diet based on scientific evidence.

The keto diet: finding a new balance

The ketogenic diet proposes to reverse the usual food pyramid and recommends 70 to 90% fat, proteins in moderate quantity and a low carbohydrate intake. The energy will therefore come from fat, around 80% against only 10% for carbohydrates. This inversion will bring the organism into a state of ketosis. These ketone bodies produced by the carbohydrates from carbohydrates will then become the fuel of the organism. The advantage of this ketosis state is that it will also inhibit the secretion of ghrelin, or hunger hormone. Without this appetite-boosting substance, goodbye the feeling of being hungry that you feel with certain diets. We are less hungry, we eat less, we lose weight without frustration and … we feel better!

A scientific study to support the ketogenic diet

A study * carried out jointly by Spanish and Colombian scientists published in the journal Nutrients in 2018 showed the positive effects of the ketogenic diet and its effectiveness. Twenty obese people participated in this study for two to three months and the researchers evaluated the impact of the state of ketosis on their weight but also on their well-being. Not only did the keto diet allow them to reduce their fat mass by about 18 kg, but it also allowed them to see an improvement in their sleep, sexuality and physical activity. The state of ketosis therefore has both an effect on weight loss and on quality of life.

Effect of a Very-Low-Calorie Ketogenic Diet on Circulating Myokine Levels Compared with the Effect of Bariatric Surgery or a Low-Calorie Diet in Patients with Obesity (Ana l. Castro, Ignacio Sajoux. Nutrients, 2018)

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