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Sport and sweating, what relationship?

What is sweating?

Granted, most of us sweat during physical activity, but that’s not the only situation where it happens. Stress, fever, heat, or even a high calorie meal can cause us to sweat. This is when the body responds by bringing water from our body to the epidermis to regulate our temperature. Our moist skin can, after some time, cool our body temperature to help us adapt to the surrounding environment. It is therefore a natural mechanism for regulating body temperature.

So is it possible to think that if we don’t sweat our training is not effective? And is there a link between weight loss and sweating? This is what we will see in what follows.

Sweating = athletic efficiency?

It seems quite legitimate to think that the more we use our muscles during an effort, the more we sweat and that, therefore, our amount of perspiration testifies to the effectiveness of our exercises; but this is not the case !

The sauna is not a sport and yet we sweat a lot!

Sweat is by no means an indicator of the effectiveness of physical exercise. It is therefore totally possible to do an effective workout without sweating. Moreover, you will notice that during a muscle building session, you sweat much less than during a cardio session. Does this mean that your body is working less? Not at all ! He works differently.

Moreover, the amount of perspiration produced depends on various factors such as metabolism, genetics, your level of hydration, the ambient environment, but also your state of health. Indeed, certain pathologies such as diabetes, an infection, a hormonal disorder and / or overweight have an impact on our sweating.

Does water loss rhyme with weight loss?

Physical activity and weight loss are obviously linked. On the other hand, sweating is not synonymous with caloric loss, it is an independent mechanism.

Water is a non-caloric element, rich in minerals that your body can not do without and even less during a workout. Drinking enough water, i.e. 1.5 to 2 liters per day, will keep your body sufficiently hydrated to be able to carry out the necessary body temperature regulations, eliminate toxins and prevent cramps. But sweating doesn’t make you lose weight.


Sweating is a natural bodily phenomenon. The link between sweating and training effectiveness or weight loss is not significant. Sweat should therefore not be your measurement indicator. So don’t feel guilty about coming home from sport with a dry t-shirt!

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