In today’s blog we report from the perspective of a newcomer to the gym.

As a newcomer to Here you will get a great insight into the construction of a fitness studio, as well as professional support from the trainer. You haven’t been registered in a gym before? No problem! The first steps may be difficult for you and especially the first way to trial training. But how does the saying go? “Every beginning is difficult.”

So you’ve made it now, your first trial training is just around the corner. But what can you expect now? It’s best to ask yourself a few important questions before you break a sweat. Why do you want to go to the gym? What goals are you pursuing with your future training plan? And do you have enough energy and motivation for the future? Only you can give yourself an answer to such questions and also help us to develop a training plan that is perfect for you.


The “training plan” is a good keyword. Would you rather improve your endurance or lose a few pounds? Do you want to gain momentum a little more and pack a few kilos on the side? Questions like this may make you feel a little taken by surprise, and in a room with such an abundance of fitness equipment. Phew For this purpose, the Here team offers every newcomer, in addition to the trial training itself, a trainer at your side to answer exactly such questions.

And then it’s time to try it out. Not everyone is the same and therefore needs a very individual training plan. This will be adapted to you step by step and from now on forms the basis of your success.

Training alone isn’t enough for you? Or maybe a group motivates you more? Then the morning and evening courses are sure to be something for you! Together with fitness model Oxana Hegel you can take part in a wide variety of workouts or dare to do classics such as cycling, HIIT or yoga .


Everything regarding Corona is currently completely up to date. In Here, too, precautions were taken to combine fitness and hygiene . So always bring your own drink and towel. Our team regularly ensures that the studio is clean, which is why we disinfect all devices 3 times a day. Nevertheless, given the occasion, it is also your responsibility to disinfect the devices before and after use. There are therefore also restrictions during our courses. These are currently limited to 45 minutes in order to ventilate in the meantime and designed for a maximum of 12 participants.

On our website meinhere.de you can not only view the course schedule and register for the courses that are of interest to you, but also receive some basic information on the subject of back, weight loss or our membership. On our Instagram page you will also find new stories every day with exciting nutrition tips and lots of exercises that you can easily do from home. Many of our members have already bought a small selection of exercise equipment for at home . (At this point, THANKS to Gorillasports for the cooperation)

In addition, since Corona we have also been offering training at home (at this point, THANKS to Gorilla Sports for the cooperation) , animated by videos from our fitness trainers . You can find them on our Instagram account.

We offer you an all-round carefree package, which has already given many newcomers to fitness fun and you can always be the next. Only you can set the limits!

What is the next step for you as a newbie to the gym, you ask yourself? Just have a look! Jump over your shadow and dare

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