About Us

Search Health is an information source brought to you from Inline Media Ltd for all your health, fitness, nutrition and well being topics. It is the brainchild of John Famelton owner and director of Inline Fitness Ltd who strives to give the general public reliable, factual and positive guidance in all of the topics discussed on the website from qualified and expert figures in the industry.

John’s background is Personal Training and Gym Ownership. Having been in the industry for more than 12 years working with individuals and groups from top athletes to GP Referrals, to regular gym users, obese clients, special population and sports teams to name a few. He decided to embark on giving the public correct and uncomplicated advice, blogs, vlogs and articles based on fact and experience.

“There are many false and unreliable sources of information these days and access to this is at the touch of your fingertip. So here at Search Health we aim to provide this access on a platform you can trust and learn from. Educating and guiding people in a positive way to make sensible and progressive steps to becoming the fittest, healthiest and best version you can”.

All information is open to discussion and comments are encouraged. If you wish to follow the search health social media platforms fell free we are active on Facebook and Instagram.